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Our cosmetics

Using natural cosmetic products, we provide personalised experience tailored to suit your individual requirements and based on unique therapies which have instantaneous positive results and long-term effectiveness, leading to amazing relaxation.

Natural Cosmetic is a Bulgarian company specialised in the production of natural face and body cosmetics on the basis of essential and plant oils. Its products follow the world’s top trends towards harmony between man and nature. The use of natural products is a part of the brand’s philosophy of attaining balance between urban lifestyle and the earth’s generosity.

Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics is a leading German company operating in the area of professional cosmetics. A major principle for Dr. Spiller Вiocosmetics is skin protection through the supply of products which activate the skin’s own mechanisms to produce everything it needs. The main ingredients used by the company are plant extracts and oils, herbs, vitamins, minerals and microelements. The products are free of preservatives and stabilisers. Dr. Spiller, a professional chemist, was the first manufacturer to introduce the sun protection factor into cosmetics in 1968. SPF4 has been included in the composition of Dr. Spiller Вiocosmetics daycare products.

Gerard’s is an Italian cosmetic brand which provides skin and body care by using plant extracts and organic and active protection components. It was established in the Italian Alps where the soil is rich in minerals. Gerard’s are the proud manufacturers of the best products for every skin type and need based solely on natural and pure extracts. Gerard’s laboratories apply innovative production methods to the manufacture of products which do not cause skin irritation. They have all been dermatologically tested.

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